Most of the parts have been swapped over between the two cars now. Tomorrow the factory ecu will replace the Haltech and my standard turbo will replace the HKS 2540. After getting my boost controller up and running to deliver 14 psi with this turbo, I experienced ~200rwkw and was quite impressed. The turbo is quite laggy but the top end is great.

Tomorrow my upgraded brakes go on as well, which are now Z32 calipers which I traded with a friend for the S14 calipers. The same but lighter alloy in construction.

After tomorrow, the only parts left will be the differential and the alarm system, which will be changed in just over a week.

I’ve started up a new Exterior Evolution page for the new car, check out the pics. The Specifications page has also been updated heavily, to match the specs of the new car. Now most items have a link to view an image of the said modification.


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