Finally the wheels are on the car, and after a bit of fiddling I am very happy with the results. One thing I was disappointed in was the position the front wheels sit in. I was hoping for the rims to be almost in line with the guards without spacers but this just wasn’t the case. The rears sit beautifully with ample tyre/strut clearance and fantastic width. However the fronts sit an inch or so inside the fenders.

To combat this I reinstalled my previously used bolt on 20mm spacers. This pushed the wheels to very nice width, but I am disappointed they were needed. I’ve also lowered the front of the car a little less than 10mm to get a slightly better stance. I was able to do this all from the strut top in the engine bay without removing anything, thanks to my special camber tops.

So now the car is looking much better and the handling is perhaps improved. Wider track with lighter rims and a slightly lowered centre of gravity make the front end feel very nimble.

Check out the pics on the Exterior Evolution page.

The next step for the car is to fix a few niggling little problems, such as the crack in the dump pipe and also one of the intercooler support straps has snapped.

Another dyno day is upcoming so finally I will have a correct power figure. After the inclusion of the new cat I am confident of nearing my 150rwkw target for these current mods.


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