Good news for the 180 in that it will finally be painted starting next week. I have purchased a new spray gun and more black paint and thinners, so I have all the materials needed. This time around there is a much more realistic chance of actually getting it done, as I have taken the entire week off work, and I have a good friend coming over to stay for the duration. The only thing that can spoil the party is the weather, so fingers crossed.

I’d like to give a wrap to Auto West in Penrith for the paint supplies. Not only are they about half the price of the generic auto stores, but the staff actually seem to know about painting and the products they sell. A pleasure to deal with. I picked up my new spray gun, 8 litres of pre-thinners mixed matt black paint, 20 litres of thinners (for the primer) and a few little things for $150, which is fantastic. The spray gun is a much better product than the previous unit I was using, and has a nicely constructed reservoir attachment (the part which broke last time), so no dramas there. I have some fresh batteries for the camera too, so I hope to update regularly. Wish me luck!


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