About time for an update I think, it’s been a long while. Over the last month I’ve found myself incredibly busy and poor, but things are starting to turn around now. I’m finally on uni holidays, which means it’s time to get down to business of doing some things I’ve been wanting for a while. These include:

  • Getting the 180 on the dyno to see how it’s going with the new boost. My guess is just under 150 kw @ wheels.
  • Getting the 180 to Eastern Creek to try and run a 13 second time like I should be. Might have to wait until I’ve got some half decent tyres though, as buying second hand makes a lucky dip with what is available at the time. The current Yokohomas on the back are 225s but consistently lose traction coming on boost in second in the dry, first is a joke.
  • Doing a big well deserved service on the car. This includes a fresh second hand sump (the current item is battled scarred from Japan), fresh engine oil, new oil filter, new fuel filter, new gearbox oil, and maybe new spark plugs. The gearbox oil is a real big one, I think the oil was not changed during compliance like it should have been, and now the shift quality of the gearbox has deteriorated to a crunchy monster. After hearing good things I want to try using some Redline Shockproof Gear Oil, which may be expensive but hopefully worth it.
  • The biggy is to paint that damn ugly car. I’m sick of being embarrassed in it, and attracting the wrong attention just trying to drive around normally. Can’t wait to have a car that has looks to back up its performance.All of this will hopefully happen in the next few weeks before I go back to uni, so it should be an exciting time.One thing that occurred to me is that people must assume that I have had an accident when they see the silver guard and primered bonnet. I have the proof in the pictures on the Exterior Evolution page and I will post up a picture of the old green guard accident free when I can be bothered.

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