I have just finished another drift day today with Driving Sports. I was free and they were advertising places available so why not? This is exactly what the car is for. The car was faultless. I’m not sure if the new ignition system or tyre wear was to blame but the car seemed quite overpowered. At the start of the day I was spinning frequently and only corrected this once applying very little throttle. I would say that most of the time the engine is off boost.

I’ve started searching for the next mod, most likely some Bride replicas. This was already on the cards but after today my sides are killing again. The S15 seats grip but all the pressure is in one spot. I asked some fellow participants if I could sit in their seats and try them out. After doing this I think I’m going to get fixed back seats this time around. They are lighter and with a decent rail, can be mounted at various angles and heights.

Rails are easy to find for recliners, but the actual seat is more expensive. Rails are harder to find for fixed back, but the chairs are light and cheap. I’ll post up how I go.