Back to work which means car time will become limited. I’ve had an amazing run so can’t really complain. My wife has strangely told me she would like me to finish off the performance mods on the car so we can then concentrate on saving for renovations. Seems like a trap but I’ll go with it.

She said to make a list so here goes:

New coil packs – The car is steadily developing a misfire. Initially on high boost but now on low. I first wrote about a miss a few months ago, I guess a coilpack is on the way out. The plan is to use something stronger than stock like LS or Yaris. Some wiring will be needed to circumvent the ignitor chip.

VTC gear – I still miss the midrange punch my grey 180 used to have. I know the VTC gear is physically missing. Hopefully it is straightforward to refit and the lag is defeated.

Adjustable suspension arms – This will allow a complete wheel alignment. More grip for drag, etc.

Half cage – Safety first.

Better seats – I’ve never been comfortable in the S15 seats. My back was sore after the drift day. Bride would be my first choice.

I would consider these essentials. Nothing there in terms of more power, which is sensible. The car is fast enough for what I want, which is a capable all rounder. Ignition system first, stay tuned.