Yesterday I spent some time tidying up a few things on the car. There was a bunch of audio wiring that I removed, along with some little brackets and titbits not required. I finally mounted my boost controller properly under the steering column. Previously, it was double sided taped on, but the adhesive had failed and it was falling off repeatedly.

One job I have over the week is to refine the LCD display. The poor quality video below shows the screen for the second run at the drags. The temperatures of the oil and coolant, as well as oil pressure stay on target. Perhaps most impressive it the pre-throttle inlet temp, which doesn’t really move for the duration of the run. The intercooler is doing a great job. The post turbo air temp goes over 100 degrees C mid run and forces the gauge out of range. I will need to adjust this for future runs. I have ordered a cheap MAP sensor to measure and graph boost on the same part as the AFR. When it comes I’ll give it all a slight tweak.

This morning I raised the front of the car by about 15 mm and softened the dampers as much as possible. This should help the car squat and assist with traction at the drags. It will also stop the stupidly low front lip from scraping on my driveway. Today I’m after a low profile alloy jack to take to track vents, I will report back.