Tonight I was able to resume work on the car and managed to complete the exhaust mods. Welding the last section was difficult due to the large gaps between the two bits of pipe. I struggled a bit but improved my technique and filled the gaps with low heat and filler material. It’s not perfect but should be sound:


The completed setup can be seen below (left), compared with the original (right):

I spent some time smoothing the internals of the junction and even the mouth of the dump with a special sander.

The remainder of the night was spent dummy fitting the water lines for the turbo. The kit came with braided oil and water lines, but they are not very flexible and use banjo bolts. I will probably use the old braided lines because they are more flexible an have nicer Speed Flow fittings. At the moment I’m having trouble routing a water line because it used to go between the compressor cover and engine mount, but this gap is quite small on the new turbo.

There are four ports for attaching water fittings on the core so I’m sure I’ll find a combination that works well.