After an insanely busy period at work the light is at the end of the tunnel. Most of the bits are available to fit the new turbo and have the car tuned. I have ordered and am waiting on a wide band 02 sensor that is compatible with Nistune. It also has an analogue out signal for use on the display screen that I will soon have time to work on.

I have planned out a course of action for the entire process:

  • Dyno the car to check if everything is OK after changing the rear of the exhaust, the intercooler and piping and fixing the base timing.
  • Remove the old turbo, manifold and dump pipe, dump oil and water in the process.
  • Take the assembly to an exhaust shop to weld in the bung for the wide band 02 sensor and modify the wastegate pipe to merge more smoothly. I would also like a flange welded on so I can remove this part to make dump bolts much easier to access.
  • Fit oil cooler and winged sump.
  • Fit sensors for oil pressure and various temperature probes.
  • Change fuel filter and fit solid steering spacer, perhaps some other small bits.
  • Fit new turbo with supplied braided lines, new gaskets, etc.
  • Wire up Z32 AFM plug in parallel for changing instantly when tuning.
  • Drive car to be tuned.

The new setup will initially have both an internal and external wastegate. Both setups have a 15 psi spring that feels quite rigid. If no boost source is connected I trust they will still seal in the exhaust flow. Therefore I should be able to complete back to back testing of the wastegates by simply plumbing boost lines to one or the other.

Having the wide band 02 sensor and Nistune means I can touch up the tune on the road. The software will trace the intended air fuel ratio in the tables and log the output of the 02 sensor. I can simply trace and tweak as needed.

A lot of work ahead but a lot of time and energy to do it. Dyno run is booked for Thursday so it all starts soon.