The prices of some parts have become stupidly cheap over the last decade. I just purchased a new fmic kit for $305 including overnight postage. Core, aluminium piping, silicone hose, clamps, even vacuum line and rubber edging. Ludicrous.

Last night I installed most of the kit. There wasn’t many of the nuts left that hold on the front the bumper, which sped up disassembly.

The old cooler and piping was in reasonable condition. Some of the silicone hoses were starring to wear, but worst of all was the piece of pipe living inside the end tank:

The cold side of the new piping is 2.75 inch and bolts straight up.

On the hot side, the old piping was much smaller than the 2.5 inch piping found here so this should be an upgrade. The longest pipe on the hot side is currently sitting too tall and stopping the bonnet from closing. Things like this are bound to happen when you have an S14 motor in an S13.

Today I purchased an extra length of silicone hose and two hose clamps ready to cut the pipe shorter. I wanted to find a workshop to cut it and roll in a bead but couldnt find one nearby with zero notice on a Saturday morning. It will have to survive without the beading for now.

The intake pipe from the turbo to afm needs remaking, so I’ll get it done then unless it tries to blow itself off sooner. Everything will be back together tomorrow morning, hopefully driving well.