It’s going to be a big week for the Sileighty. On Wednesday night I plan to drive it in the off street drag meet at WSID. In the past, I took the near stock green 180 to Eastern Creek and ran in the 15s, slower than stock. Cheap rear tyres and an inability to launch the car made for embarrassing results.

This time I hope to improve greatly. This car has much better tyres and more power. Today I finally got the g-tech Pro working after Frankensteining together a new suction cup mount to replace the DOA original one. Completing the calibrations and setup was quite involved, but it seems to working well now.

Some low key testing with a passenger on a deserted, flat and high speed limit road saw consistent 0-100 km/h times of 5.7 seconds. Putting the numbers into an online calculator gives a predicted mid/high 13 second quarter mile.

Today I installed a battery strap to hold the thing in place. This was completely missing from the car upon purchase.

I had to fabricate a custom bracket to clear the intercooler piping and anchor into the butchered original battery tray.

Tomorrow I plan to shed some weight in the form of the rear interior pieces, which are hardly attached. If I have time, I will remove the disconnected air con pump and raise the front ride height a touch. There is also a fire extinguisher to mount, although this is not required for WSID.

On Wednesday night I’ll run the g-tech to test its accuracy, as well as a new 360 degree camera that arrived today.

On Friday, the car is booked in for a dyno run at Unigroup. I’ll see how the tune looks and wind in some boost to see the effect on power. I can’t wait.