Sometimes I am an idiot. I have finally solved the electronic boost controller issue, and the problem was me. By default, the Turbosmart eboost has an overboost limit of 7 psi. When my external wastegate is running 14.7psi on spring tension alone, it means that any time the ebc detects over 7psi, it tries to reduce pressure back to 7 psi, which it is unable to do.

Changing the overboost limit to 20 psi had the controller working as it should. I’ve settled on 16.5 psi at the moment, with the settings as aggressive as possible without inducing a boost spike. This has reduced wastegate creep and the low/mid end torque has improved so very much.

Since I’ve owned the car, I’ve identified and fixed a wastegate leak, BOV leak, non connected VTC and incorrectly set ebc. The difference is night and day. Today I found a vacuum line connected incorrectly which is giving the car a high and lumpy idle. An easy fix for improved running I’m sure.

All of this means that car is ready for a run on the dyno. I don’t think it will hit the 215 rwkw as printed on the sheet that came with the car, but it will be respectable nonetheless.

Next planned mods are fitment of the oil filter relocation block and oil cooler that has been sitting on the floor in the house for a while. A new page detailing this will follow.