The last week has seen some good progress with the Sileighty. Parts that I have ordered have trickled in, with only the R33 front calipers still to come. I have a large area of carpet in the house covered with parts ready to go.

Furthermore, I have been collecting the necessary tools and equipment ready for the installs. This includes things like loctite, strong tape and extra dremel cutting discs ready to prepare the braided lines for the oil cooler. I have replaced a broken ratchet drive and purchased a wheeled trolley for working under the car.

Perhaps the greatest progress this week was finally getting the factory VTC system working. This involved pouring through service manuals to find pinouts, loom maps and diagnostics. I eventually found out that the ignition switched 12V that needs to go to the F4 plug from the S14 SR20DET loom had not been connected. This meant that both the VTC solenoid and heated O2 sensor were not getting power. I will make a new page regarding S14 SR20DET into S13 chassis with all that I’ve learned.

After many late nights, unfortunately, the car is not much faster. There is a bit better low end response but ultimately I think the tune is rubbish. ECU inspection revealed the car was previously tuned at Envy Dyno, who have a terrible reputation online. If they were the ones who did the engine install and wiring loom then I know that they are quite sloppy.

The last tid bit is the installation of a better alarm with keyless entry. My daily driver can be entered and started without taking the key out of my pocket so it’s really nice to have this modern and convenient feature.