Well I’ve had the car back for a few days now and bloody hell is it fast. Now it doesn’t get traction until third gear coming onto boost, and can even break into wheelspin onto less than perfect roads. In short the car made 196 rwkw on 15 psi, but had problems when wound up further. On 18psi it made more midrange coming onto boost but for unknown reasons the power dives off soon after, below the 15 psi power curve. Even so, the 15 psi setting is fantastically powerful. The power delivery is kind of strange, in that it is sort of laggy but not as the same time. The turbo spools immediately under throttle but still needs a few psi on board before it gets going. The result is a really smooth power delivery that builds until some decent revs are on board and then it just hauls all the way to redline. Before the turbo spooled and gave a quick burst of power in the midrange before running out of puff up top. Now power just keeps building as far as you rev it.

I have to return back to Unigroup to discuss the info going onto the site and to print out my dyno graphs, so a much bigger update will be coming after then. Unigroup have been fantastic throughout the whole thing, keeping me up to date with what was happening and looking after my best interests at all times. They are thoroughly recommended for any sort of diagnostic or tuning work. Thanks guys 🙂