Some more work has been done on the redirection and domain setup by Marty from SilviaNSW. Everything is now 100% complete with the changeover. A huge thanks to him again, his repeated generosity has allowed the site to become what it is today.

You will hopefully notice some Google advertising at the top of every page. Clicking on these makes google pay me a small amount of money, which if reaches a certain amount per month is sent to me. It would be nice to get something back for all the hours that have gone into the site. So please give a click or two if you can spare the time.

Tuning is almost complete I believe, hopefully tomorrow night I will be at Unigroup to see the final power tuning undertaken. If all is well the car will come back with me. I won’t be holding my breathe though as the injectors were almost a week overtime in being high flowed.