The car is at Unigroup for ecu retuning currently, as planned. The first hassle was one of the injectors not firing. I sold the set for $300 and am now having the factory 370cc injectors high flowed to around 650cc. Apart from this the car has had no hassles, making 173 rwkw as it came in (in a similar leaning off state of tune as the last t25g run). This amount of power is surprising as it didn’t feel that quick on the road, due to a lack of midrange. Tuning and twice the amount of boost should eliminate any problems like this though. With such a good starting point (173 rwkw on ~9.5 psi totally untuned), the target of 220 rwkw is looking promising.

The injector fiasco will slow things down a bit but hopefully the car isn’t off the road for too long.


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