Today is the day that I pickup the car, after all this time. After some heated discussion with Ricol and then discussion between IDA admin and Ricol, the situation is a little more clear. I am not expecting the clutch to be as stuffed as was made out to me from what I’ve heard I am confident of fixing it with some hydraulic adjustment. The pricing too seems better after I have learnt more about the actual bill structure. All will be revealed on the Rebuild page when the invoice is scanned for all to see. This site has always been about providing accurate information for free to benefit people, and this will be no different with all expenses listed to assist others.

The HKS GT2510 is expected any day now, and will be on the car very soon I hope. Firstly I will be taking the car back to Unigroup for a post rebuild power figure and check over. Assuming the clutch is ok I really want to drag race the car with the standard turbo in place to see what time I can get from it. There should be a good window of opportunity to do this between saving up for tuning and paying the registration costs from my credit card.

Site wise I have split up this page again for a total of three news pages, with this page starting with the engine rebuild story. Loading times should be a little better now. The bolt on turbo page is coming along nicely with some good data. This page will be one of the most useful pages out there when it comes to picking a low mount turbocharger, I’ve never personally seen anything like it. It will take a while to complete but before too long I’ll get up the draft version of the page.


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