I am eagerly preparing for the next IDA drift day at Eastern creek this sunday. Since the last event I have chased and fixed a failed rear wheel bearing, and have sourced some more rims for the rear to drift on. The day is on Sunday on the Eastern Creek figure 8 and skidpan, come check it out if you can. Pics of the new wheels can be found on the Exterior Evolution page.

The next stage of engine mods is moving closer. I have no idea what is happening with Badbiki coming from WA so I have started looking into alternative tuners. I am in discussion with Unigroup but am unsure if they the ecu retuning experience necessary to setup the car well with the larger injectors and air flow meter. It also looks like the injectors are not HKS or Sard, but possibly ‘Essential’ 550cc units. This is the brand which best resembles them in my HyperRev catalogue.


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